Fotokunst: Strange Photo comics

The price of the photo depends on the size produced - small or large - no limits.

My photo Comics in Gallery Art Tour, Hillerod, Denmark

Photographer and artist Lotte: My photos are not just photos, they are artistic experiments.

The photos I have created is by 12 Lotte Kjoeller photos put together as in a comic book, then printed in a photograph printing on real Hahnemühle paper and signed like graphics. They are A2 in size. The frame is German. Frame, print and paper and work therefore cost. But I can make more than 1 comic if you order it. I can make one of you if you want. 1 photo of you I am allowed to use costs 3900 DKK and if you want one "for him/you only" with your own signature I am not able to use it will cost 6000 DKK.